St Mary’s Village was founded by father James Chiomio as a response to the needs of blind, deaf and aged women in the community. Realising that many women in the area were neglected by their families or had no families to look after them, wandering the streets or having been abandonded in the hospitals, Father James was prompted to start a place where the needs of these women could be catered for.

Originally funded through donations from abroad, the village now relies on help from people in the area. St Mary’s is managed by four nuns, originally from India, with the help of eight employees who work in shifts.

We at St Mary’s are committed to assist old women to age graciously. Our goal is to care for old women until they leave this world happy with dignity.  

St Mary’s Village is located at Sagana Catholic Parish, Kariti Ward, Kirinyaga County. It is registered under Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development with the title: CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION (CBO), Certificate number A 2293. Registration number is KW.CBO.51/293/2013